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Welcome to Mambo Software!
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For your most comprehensive business solutions, our list of growing products include the following ready-made and customizable solutions:

  • Business ERP for management of Service & Mechandise Operations
    • General Accounting (for Consultancies, Service Industry, Factories, Retailers, Fast Moving Goods (FMG) Traders, etc)
    • Office Consumables Inventory Manager,
    • Manufacturing Inventory Manager for Factories,
    • Purchases & Sales Inventory Manager with Point of Sale (POS)/Bar-code management
    • Payroll Manager (Kenya),
    • Human Resource Manager (HRM),
    • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
  • School Manager for management of :
    • Kindergartens,
    • Schools,
    • Colleges &
    • Other Learning Institutions
  • SACCO Manager for management of:
    • Credit Cooperatives &
    • Micro-Finance Institututions (MFIs)
  • Grants Manager for management of:
    • Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs),
    • Government Departments & Institutions receiving grants, and
    • Grant Making Organisations (Donors)
  • Property Manager for management of
    • Landlords and Property Owners business,
    • Property, Land & Estate Management Agents
  • Hotel Manager for management of
    • Restaurants,
    • Pubs and
    • Hotels
  • Hospital Manager for management of
    • Clinics,
    • Pharmacies,
    • Laboratories &
    • Hospital Management
  • Other Products...
    • Yet more products are found here...
Why are clients choosing Mambo Software?

We have been nominated 'The Next Big Thing'® in ICT in Kenya (2011). It is because we believe in three things:

  • Quality: Our products must compete globally; some of our products have been regarded as the best in the market because we dont leave anything to chance
  • Reliability: If we say it should do something then it must do it. If anything falls short we feverently work to anomalise it in the fastest & simplest possible manner
  • Speed: We develop software faster, thanks to our ever innovative team! We respond fast, too, because time is critical for your business
What do you get in our products?

We have a signature. Each of our products comes with the following 'Mambo Software Minimum Standards':

  • Complete Integration with Accounting (Trial Balance, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheets)
  • Mambo Software Online Update System
  • Simple Local Area Network (LAN) Installation
  • Multi-User Management & User Audit Trail
  • Automatic Reminders & Transactions Posting
  • Export data to Microsoft Excel, Word, Adobe pdf and Back up and Restore Procedures
  • Document Management System everywhere
  • Help, Support & Video Tutorials and more...
The Next Big Thing

We made it to the shortlist of 28 out of the 3,246 innovators. We continued to the final 8 and we were eventually selected as the software innovator to show case in the USA edition of The Next Big Thing® more...

Resources: You can access the following from our Resources Page: KRA PAYE Guidelines 2009, SASRA Regulations, SACCO Act, Income Tax Act, Guidelines on Landlord's Taxation Guidelines, Schools Tuitions Guidelines and more materials