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Mambo Software Hospital Manager
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What's different about our Enterprise Resource Program (ERP)?
This application comes with real value for money by offering a complete accounting integration with

  • Human Resource Management (HRM),
  • Payroll for Kenya,
  • Inventory Management for Office Consumables, for Manufacturing Processes and Purchase and Sales Inventory
  • Document Management System that allows you to attach documents just where you need them
  • and our Online Update System that ensures you are always using the latest version and technologies over the changing times!

Features List

Click on the function to view the features list. See also Mambo Software Minimum Standard features that also come with all our products

  • Add & Update Company Name & Company Logo
  • Address and Statutory Registration Numbers
  • Add Departments & 0ppppyyyfSections/Branches
  • Create Users & Roles Management
  • Back Up and Restore procedures
  • Set up Automated Reminders
  • Add & Update Account Information
  • Create Account Numbering
  • Sub-accounts Option
  • Create Accounts Opening Balances
  • Income & Expense Accounts Categories
  • Current & Fixed Asset Accounts Categories
  • Short-term & Long-term Liability Accounts Categories
  • Capital & Reserve Accounts Categories
  • Accounts Receivables & Payables (Debtors & Creditors Ledger)
  • General Journal entries
  • Tax Control Accounts (VAT, WHT, etc)
  • Add & Update Patient Records with Opening Balances
  • Add & Update Corporate Clients & Insurance Company Records
  • Attach documents eg photos, agreements, digital ID, etc
  • Create Quotations, Make Cash Sales, Create Invoices, Receive Payments, Credit Notes (Returns & Discounts Allowed), Make Refunds
  • Record Patients Visit & Update Patients History, Test, Diagnosis, Prescriptions, Treatments, Admissions & Referrals
  • Make Provisions for Bad Debts and Bad Debts
  • Patients Ageing Statements
  • Summary of Patient/Client Transactions
  • Add & Update Suppliers information with Opening Balances
  • Attach supplier documents eg photos, agreements, etc
  • Create Internal Goods/Service Requisition
  • Approve Goods/Service Requisitions
  • Create Purchase Orders
  • Receipt of Items from Suppliers
  • Receipt of Bills (Supplier Invoice)
  • Payment of Bills
  • Cash Purchases
  • Debit Notes (Returns & Discounts Received)
  • Group and Report on Suppliers by Region, Products
  • Add & Update Consumable Goods/Services, eg stationery
  • Group Goods & Services into Various Item Types
  • Create Stores Inventory Requisition & Approval
  • Track Stores Re-order levels and Stock-out alerts
  • Bar-coding of Stores Items & Scanner capabilities
  • Analyse & Report Items Usage by Departments, Types, etc
  • Add & Update Manufacturing Stages
  • Add & Update Products from each Stage
  • Track Inputs for products of each Stage
  • Create Inventory Requisition & Approval
  • Track Products movement through Stages
  • Track Stage & Product Costs
  • Itemized Valuation Methods: FIFO, LIFO, Average, Weighted Average & Actual Valuation
  • Stock valuation gains and losses entry
  • Track Stores Re-order levels and Stock-out alerts
  • Bar-coding of Stores Items & Scanner capabilities
  • Add & Update Sales & Purchase Goods & Services
  • Add Goods & Services Requisition & Approval
  • Inventory Listing (Main Items, Sub-Items & Groupings)
  • Inventory Tracking (Transit-in, Transit-out, Stock in Hand)
  • Track Stores Re-order levels and Stock-out alerts
  • Itemized Valuation Methods: FIFO, LIFO, Average, Weighted Average & Actual Valuation
  • Stock valuation gains and losses entry
  • Bar-coding of Stores Items & Scanner capabilities
  • Add & Update Bank Accounts with Opening Balances
  • Write Cheques
  • Do Bank deposits (Cash, Cheque, Direct Debits)
  • Manage Office Petty Cash
  • Do Inter-bank transfers
  • Generate Bank Statements
  • Do Bank Reconciliations
  • Add & Update Job Vacancies & Applicants Database
  • Add & Update Employee Records including attached photo & testimonials, dependants & next of kin(s)
  • Nature of Employee engagement: eg, contract, directorship, etc
  • Company Asset Allocation to Employees
  • Task Assignment & Completion Tracking
  • Leave Application & Schedules
  • Employee Timesheets integrated with Payroll
  • Adding & Updating Employee Payroll Records
  • Statutory Deductions (PAYE, NSSF, NHIF, HELB)
  • Provision for other deductions, eg Loans, HOSP, Medical Schemes, Housing Schemes, Insurance & Provident Funds
  • Provision for Other Incomes, eg, Per diem, Allowances, Bonuses, Gratuity & Lump sum payments & Fringe benefits
  • Automated Payroll computation, based on HR and Payroll records
  • Payroll Reports: Pay slip, Summary Reports, KRA Reports
  • Integration with online banking
  • Assets Register
  • Assets Depreciation & Valuation
  • Sales Receipts, Invoices, Bills, Credit Notes, Debit Notes, Payment Advice, etc
  • Customers & Suppliers Ageing Statements
  • Periodic Transactions Summary Reports
  • Performance reports by various categories
  • Final Books: Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Accounts, Balance Sheets, Tax & Trading Control Statements, anytime
  • Employees Payslips & Payroll Summary Statements
  • Monthly & Periodic Summary Reports of Gross pay, Net pay, PAYE, NSSF, NHIF, HELB & Other payment instructions
  • All KRA reports in print-ready formats (P9, P9A, P10, etc)
  • Audit Trail (User Operations) reports
  • Options for view, email, print or publish to web/mobile any of the reports above
Company Information
Chart of Accounts
Patient Information Management
Suppliers Management
Office Consumables Inventory Management
Laboratory Management
Pharmacy Management
Ward Management
Canteen & Catering Management
Funeral Services Management
Human Resource Management (HRM)
Payroll Management
Asset Management


Features Video


You can play the online screen-shots or download the flash videos of the product in parts. You will need Adobe Flash Player to play the videos on your computer

Online Screen-shots Product Videos
  • Installation, Registration & Setting up you Company Information
  • Creating Accounts, Items & Opening Balances
  • Creating Customers and Customer Balances
  • Creating Suppliers & Supplier Balances
  • Creating Quotations, Invoices & Receiving Payments
  • Creating Purchase Orders, Cash Purchases & Bills (Supplier Invoices)
  • Receiving Items, Bills and Paying Bills (Supplier Invoices)
  • Refunding Customers & Customer Statements
  • Getting Refunds from Suppliers & Supplier Statements
  • Bank Statements, Bank Transfers & Bank Reconciliations
  • Trial Balances, Profit & Loss Account & Balance Sheets
  • Exporting Reports to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word & Adobe pdf
  • Setting Up Users, Users Roles & Audit Trail
  • Backing Up and Restoring your Data
  • Getting Help and Participating in Product Improvement
  • Accessing Mambo Software Online Update System

Download Trial


Download the trial version of the software below. Check your systems requirements and the Terms of Use before downloading

System Requirements

Mambo Software ERP
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (recommendend), Microsoft Windows XP
  • 1.0GB of RAM (higher is recommended)
  • 1.5GHz of processor speed (higher is recommended)
  • If not installed the system will install the following components: Microsoft Data Engine, Microsoft .NET FrameWork 4.0 Client
  • Optional External Software/Components: Adobe pdf reader, Microsoft Excel 2003 or above, Microsoft Word 2003 or above, HTML reader
  • Agents Number: You will be required to supply the number of the agent for the sale or promotion. If you dont have one please use the default number: (+)254 726 44 95 95. This number will also be saved as your support number under Help > Support menu

Buy Product

Savings guide

Select multiple modules and watch your savings grow. Note that some of the modules must be bought together

Module Listed Price Select Discount Version Price (Ksh) [$1 = Ksh82]
      Standard   Pro   Premium  
Office Consumables Inventory Manager
Upto 10 Items
Upto 50 Items
Over 50 Items
Patients & Clinic Manager
Upto 50 Patients
Upto 100 Patients
Over 100 Patients
Pharmacy Manager
Upto 10 Items
Upto 20 Items
Over 20 Items
Laboratory Manager
Upto 10 Tests
Upto 20 Tests
Over 20 Tests
Human Resources Manager (HRM)
Upto 10 Employees
Upto 30 Employees
Over 30 Employees
Payroll (Kenya)
Upto 10 Employees
Upto 30 Employees
Over 30 Employees
Funeral Services Manager
Upto 20 Beds
Upto 50 Beds
Over 50 Beds
Admissions & Ward Manager
Upto 20 Beds
Upto 50 Beds
Over 50 Beds
Total Price for single installation        
Additional Local Area Network (LAN) Computers @10%              
LAN Price          
Total Price Including LAN Installations            
Total Discount        
Total Purchase Price (Ksh)          
Total Purchase Price (US$)          
Note: Our online payment currency is US$. Other payment types may be made in US$ OR KSh      
One we receive your payment we will send you a licence key which will allow you to access Mambo Software Online Update to update your trial version to a paid version. Note that the licensed key will be emailed to you instantly if you use PayPal, while it will be emailed to you once the payment has cleared if you use any other method. The waiting period will depend on the payment method used which could be two to five days.

Pay using: PayPal   Other Payment Methods



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